At DeProw Services, we know that keeping your home clean and tidy is not enough to prevent pests from coming in. Households can be attacked in so many different ways. Anything carried in from the outside, including groceries, can include an unwanted visitor. From the food we eat to the stuff in the basement, anything can attract a pest. Yours may be one of those homes and you don't even know it. Eventually, you will...and for every pest you see, there may be hundreds you don't.


Many pest situations require the skills and knowledge of a trained professional. Your DeProw Services technician is prepared to handle all kinds of challenges. Ask him about residential programs.

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  • Quarterly Service
  • Semi-Annual Service
  • Annual Service
  • Termite Control
  • Wood Destroying Insections

Perimeter Service is Here!

Complete exterior treatments keeping the bugs out while, at the same time, relieving you from having to be home for scheduled services. A lower-cost, more convenient option for your busy lifestyle. Ask about it today!

DeProw Services philosophy is based on an Integrated Pest Management Strategy. Emphasis is placed on education, inspection, pest identification, sanitation, communication, and cooperation of the customer. The focus of the program is Preventive Maintenance which is achieved by identifying and eliminating conditions that are conducive to supporting pest populations.

Our goal is to maintain a pest-free environment without adversely affecting the customer's environment while simultaneously using the least toxic, most effective materials, and limiting the total volume of materials in order to reduce the potential hazard of chemical exposure to the customer and the environment. This goal is best achieved through Monthly and Quarterly Inspections and Monitoring which enables the early detection of pest activity while populations are at low levels. Once discovered, these small pest populations may be eliminated with fewer materials than those used in traditional exterminating programs. These procedures allow DeProw Services to provide our customers with a pest-free environment while addressing concerns of possible exposure to young children and pets.