Although any facility can be invaded by flies, restaurants and other food establishments are particularly prone to fly problems. Successfully controlling flies requires a comprehensive approach.

Good sanitation is critical both inside and outside the facility. Yet despite the best service, sanitation, and exclusion efforts, some flies may still manage to get inside. DeProw Services can customize a fly control program to meet your facility's special needs.

Services for a successful fly management program include:

  • Surveying the facility and grounds and providing written recommendations for steps you can take to minimize fly invasions.
  • Specifying areas where exclusion efforts (e.g., caulking, weather stripping) are needed.
  • Providing a plan for the strategic location of insect light traps (ILTs) to capture flies and other flying insects that could enter the building.
  • Recommending the ILT styles best suited for your situation (sconce style traps designed for unobtrusive use in dining areas and offices available).
  • Providing regular exterior treatment as needed, including baits and treatment of exterior fly resting areas.